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Be a Trail Angel

We love interacting with our supporters and would so appreciate seeing you along our journey. If you would like to offer logistical support or “trail magic” during our thru-hiking efforts, we would be exceedingly grateful. Please email us at with ideas so we can coordinate and make plans.

Logistical support or “trail magic” can include:

  • resupply support (mailing us a resupply, bringing our resupply to us at a Trail Head (TH) or taking us to our resupply at the post office or hostel)
  • rides into towns and/or back to the trail
  • hot (vegan friendly) meals at THs or road crossings
  • snacks and/or cold beverages at THs or road crossings
  • places to stay and/or shower
  • Whatever else you think might be helpful!

Financial Support

If you aren’t able to meet us out on the trail or along the way somewhere but still want to support us and be a part of our journey, financial support is always appreciated. Thru-Hiking is challenging in many ways, one of which being the financial strain. While our accommodations aren’t extravagant on trail, it is still costly. Some of our biggest expenses come from:

  • travel to the start of the trail and back from the end of the trail
  • gear (we will likely go through 5 pairs of shoes each on the PCT, as one example)
  • backpacking food (we have to eat – a lot)
  • resupply shipments (we will need to mail ourselves much of our food)
  • shuttle services into and out of towns
  • occasional lodging (hopefully with showers and laundry – cuz we stanky!)
  • phone and website costs (so we can stay connected to our community and run this fundraiser)
  • and many unforeseen expenses along the way.

We are always grateful for a little support to fund our journey so we can keep fundraising for MANNA FoodBank. With that being said if it is a decision between supporting us financially or donating to MANNA – Please donate to MANNA! If you would like to donate to MANNA FoodBank and support us financially – we would be beyond grateful! You can send us money directly through Venmo or Zelle- see below for instructions.

Venmo: You can find BAM! (Micah) on Venmo by searching @MicahGT, following this link, or by scanning the QR code below. Any money sent to this account will be used strictly for our thru-hiking expenses.

Zelle: To send money using Zelle, select “add recipient”, then enter Micah Grant-Tomlinson for the first and last name and use for the email address. Once you add us as a recipient you will be able to transfer money to our account. Any money sent to this account will be used strictly for our thru-hiking expenses.

Other: If neither of those avenues work for you, please send us an email at with your preferred method to transfer funds. We will try to work something out.


Never underestimate the power of a thoughtful letter or a kind word. The positive energy and enthusiasm from our supporters got us through our most mentally challenging days on the Appalachian Trail. We would love to hear from y’all, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, encouragement, or stories you have to share. This is truly such a wonderful way to support us while we hike.

Reach Out!

Making miles for meals in Western North Carolina.

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