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Food for the Sole Backpacking Meals Giveaway!!!

WINNER of the Half Gallon Challenge!

The Half Gallon Challenge!

ANNOUNCING THE TOTAL FUNDS RAISED for MANNA FoodBank during the Four State Challenge – $4,217!!! Which helps provide 16,868 meals for people in Western North Carolina. You all are so incredible!!! We are just amazed and filled with gratitude for the effort you all put in to getting the word out, donating, and supporting the Hiking for Hunger project. This brings the total funds raised so far to $15,345.30! That’s enough to help provide 61,381meals!  Thank you all for the amazing support and encouragement!

4 State Challenge Complete! (Actually Took us 17.5 hours)

The Four State Challenge: How To Donate

Four State Challenge and New Fund-Racer Goal!

Over $10,500 Raised So Far!