Announcing our PCT Start Date!

PCT Start Date and Trailiversary!

Announcing our PCT Start Date!!!
We will be starting at the California-Mexico border on April 12th.

Today is also our Trailiversary! Two years ago today we started hiking the Appalachian Trail. Even though February 14th 2021 was a misty dreary day in Georgia, nothing could dampen our spirits. We set out on the AT with so much enthusiasm and excitement we practically ran up all the stairs at Amicalola Falls. lol 😆 I (BAM!) also remember someone asking us where we were headed and I quickly responded “TO MAINE!!!” so loudly and enthusiastically, it even caught me off guard… the people who asked just kept walking.
Well, the enthusiasm is building again, this time in anticipation of the PCT!

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Hero and BAM!
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4 thoughts on “Announcing our PCT Start Date!”

  1. Bam! and Hero, So proud of both of you! How can I help? We have firmed up our trip west to see Ginny’s two sons. She’s flying and I’m driving with the dog to meet them at a BNB north of San Francisco. (Long story there) Taking the I40 most of the way, I should be crossing the PCT on highway 58 on the 24th, (near Warren, Ca.) If y’all are anywhere close to that junction, I will be happy to give ride, bring supplies, or just meet and greet! Let me know if you need or want anything. Travel well! Vance



    1. Hi Vance! Awww TY for saying that- that means so much to us coming from you 🙂

      That is so awesome that y’all will be out West- It would be so amazing if we could cross paths! We’d love to see you!

      Wanna shoot us an email and we can coordinate…? ( Excited to catch up with y’all!

      Thanks so much for reaching out and following along! We appreciate you, Vance and Ginny!


      Keeka and Micah


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