Back At It!

Hello Hiking for Hunger community! We know it has been quite some time since we were last active on this account. We want to first of all thank y’all for bearing with us this last year and then some- a lot has been happening and changing in our lives since we finished hiking the #appalachiantrail (AT) in July of 2021, and our focus had to shift to some other projects and life things. 

But we’re back now! And so excited to announce that we will be thru hiking the #pacificcresttrail (PCT) this spring! Not only that, but we will be fundraising again for the amazing @manna_foodbank while we hike. We are beyond thrilled that we have this special opportunity to once again combine our passion of thru hiking with our passion of being a part of the fight to end hunger in Western North Carolina! 

We’ll be spending the next few months ironing out logistics as we prepare to embark on this exciting new journey- stay tuned for updates along the way!

We can’t thank you enough for believing in us while we hiked the AT. We hope you’ll join us on this new adventure as we take the PCT and food insecurity head on.

With Love,

Hero and BAM!

#hikingforhunger #mannafoodbank #pacificcresttrail #PCT #PCTthruhike

#PCT2023 #foodinsecurity #foodsecurity #endhunger #beyourownhero #doitfortheBAM 

4 thoughts on “Back At It!”

  1. Say hi to John Muir when you see his trail. In 2018 I hiked John Muir for 1/2 miles. Woohoo!

    Stay safe my fellow hikers. DooDah Man


  2. Cathey and I are so excited for you and will definitely be supporting you guys! I knew you’d be going for the triple crown!


  3. I’m so happy for you two! And a little jealous. We hiked a couple sections of the Pacific Coast trail a few years back…it’s beautiful and you will love it.

    I hope you’re both well and enjoying the hell out of life. I think of our Manna days from time to time and smile. Thank you for that.

    Hike on, Deb


  4. Woo HOO! Fantastic! Hero and Bam, y’all are amazing. Or masochists! Hike on I say. I don’t think I’ll be any good with logistics for you this time but I’ll try to toss in a few bucks for your Manna goals. Travel well and keep me on your mailing list. On a side note, Ginny and I will be traveling up the coast of California around the end of April first of May. We’ll cross the PCT coming and going. May link up with y’all if we end up in the same area. Best of luck to both of you, Vance and Ginny



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