Over $10,500 Raised So Far!

10 thoughts on “Over $10,500 Raised So Far!”

      1. Thank you Uncle AJ!!! We’re so excited for all that this has become, so thrilled for the incredible support this project has received! 🤗 thank you so much for following along!!!


  1. Wow Micah and Keeka! Your efforts are nothing short of Amazing!! Your new total dollars raised equals 42,000 meals (and counting), for our neighbors in need across WNC! ~We thank and celebrate you single every step of the way! Not to mention, our immense gratitude for your incredible fan club of supporters!

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    1. Thank you Mary! We’re so thrilled to be doing this, so stoked for how successful it has been already, and beyond excited for what is still to come- we’re going to keep working our hardest to continue raising awareness and showing up for our WNC communities! ♥️


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